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Famous Family Sitcom homes

The family home is where all life events happen. It’s no surprise then that is where some of the most fruitful comedy sitcoms have originated from. Whilst we never saw the likes of the Abbots, the Trotters or the Harpers ever go through the mortgage and house purchase process you can bet that they did. One thing they all could have used was a regularly updated bit of Conveyancing news to make the whole thing less stressful. What are the most famous and popular family homes used for sitcoms?

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  1. Bless this House. Starring Carry On Comedy legend Sid James this was an early to mid Seventies sitcom that established ITV as trying to push the forefront of sitcoms to new areas. It focused on the Abbots, with salesman Dad Sid, his wife (ably  played by Diana Coupland) and their two teenagers.
  2. Only Fools and Horses. Voted one of the most popular sitcoms of all time this beloved series centred on two brothers, Derek (Del Boy) and Rodney Trotter. With them lived their Grandad and later Uncle Albert.

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  1. There’s no place like home. Nestled in the BBC’s evening programme this little overlooked gem gave us Martin Clunes sitcom breakthrough. Arthur and Beryl Crabtree have raised their children and are getting ready for a quiet life. The reality is very different when they all start moving back.
  2. My Family. In the Noughties this BBC Sitcom took all the elements of earlier shows and threw the kitchen sink at it. Sometimes literally. A Phoebe from Friends type character, a confident daughter, a simpleton son and a nerdy genius who eventually comes out, all held together by Zoe Wannamaker and Robert Lindsay’s performances.