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How to choose and wear a white T-shirt?

Rules for choosing a perfect fit T-shirt:

  • Sleeves – If you have big arms, then go for buying short sleeves and normally choose one whose length does not go below the elbows.
  • Length – Ensure that the length should be not so long and pick one that can be tucked into your pants.
  • Shoulders – It is better to look for a Fred Perry T-shirt that rightly fits your shoulders.
  • Neck – You can check the neck size of your dress by raising your arms and by verifying is there any gap around your neck.

By following these points, you will get a well-fitting shirt in which you will fee more comfortable to move.

Fred PerryWays to wear a white T-shirt:

Wear a white T-shirt under a casual shirt and unbuttoned it which gives you a relaxed appearance. Match your upper part by wearing dark jean at bottom.

A wonderful look that you can give your white t-shirt is tucking in with trousers. It offers you a casual look and you can wear tapered trousers.

We all know that white is classic but to give it a trendy look, wear a leather jacket over it.

Cotton white t-shirt with a contrast suit is a great combo. Keep in mind to wear one which is slim enough for you.

By wearing it with a pure cotton denim jacket, gives you an elegant look and make sure the jacket does not make any crease.

Look at this page, if you love wearing like the above-discussed ways.