Post Natal Pilates

Which exercises are to be avoided? during pregnancy

All impact sports that can lead to a fall hazard such as cycling, skating or skiing are to be avoided. We want at all costs to avoid a fall on the stomach during pregnancy.

Everything that involves jumps on both legs at the same time like jumping jacks for example. “It’s really not ideal for the mother’s body and the impact on the bladder,” she says. We, therefore, favor alternating jumps, one leg at a time. The race is allowed for and the rope to dance also if you jump, of course, on one leg at a time.

Post Natal Pilates

Possible symptoms during training

You may feel shortness of breath, dizziness, backache, leg cramps, or contractions during the activity. Since the blood circulation is worse during pregnancy. You may see black dots in your field of vision. When this is the case, take a break for the time needed, then resume the exercise. “If you feel intense or abnormal pain in the lower abdomen, stop completely, and see your doctor before returning to training,”

All abdominal exercises that involve the right and lower abdomen should be avoided, including regular sit-ups. On the other hand, we can work obliques and stabilizers. The exercise of the board is very effective and allowed during pregnancy. The exercises on the stomach (for example, the Superman) are of course to be avoided.

In advanced stages of pregnancy, ground exercises where the head is lower than the body (for example, the board) can cause dizziness. “My best thing is to just raise your head and look at the wall in front of you, not the floor,” is one of the website for therapy