Achieving your first yacht is not a decision to take lightly because there are many things to take into account, the financial impact that this acquisition implies would be among the most important. All this turns out to be more of an investment than an acquisition: apart from the costs of the boat itself, it is taxing on the possession and operation of a yacht, so It would be highly advisable for you to make a particularly objective annual budget statement. is one of the yacht website.


Think about what you will do with your yacht

If you plan to spend more time away from home and embark on a long journey, you should start thinking about the things you will need and the space you need. The facilities are also important, you will need a bathroom and a kitchen. All this means that you will need a large yacht. On the other hand, if you intend to sail in known waters where the harbors are close enough, a smaller boat would be an excellent choice for you as it can be easily maneuvered in any marina

The period that you will spend on your yacht should be, too, a key factor to consider when making your decision to buy. On the market, there are 30 different types of pleasure craft, all designated for particular purposes and they can be classified in three categories: cruise ships, made for travel and entertainment, fishing boats, boats for water sports designated for all kinds of activities including shopping, diving and wakeboarding.

Analyze your budget

As already mentioned, buying a yacht is not just about the amount of money you pay. Additional fees include insurance, inspections, mooring fees and maintenance. You will also need to find a place to keep your yacht, so you should know that there will be marinas that will not have moorings available and that mooring taxes vary considerably. Maintenance costs for new yachts are relatively low for the first three years but, in general, major machinery requires repairs or replacements in 5-7 years. So, include these costs in your budget first to prevent your investment from creating a huge hole. provides good yacht