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The idea that early schooling would be beneficial for their development and future schooling is widespread and the question of “all education” is becoming  playgroup di jakarta timur is more and more important in pre-school education facilities

play school

Sociological, economic and political issues of non-compulsory schooling

For more than 20 years, early childhood education has become the focus of political, educational and scientific concerns. One of the major social issues is the possibility of offering quality education for all to reduce inequalities or even poverty. Why and how did early childhood services develop? What have been the changes in the role of the preschool period in an international context? These questions are at the heart of the historical process of institutionalizing early childhood education.

The impact of family policies on society

It was after the Second World War that the nursery school in France undergoes a new mutation when all social classes entrust their children. She became the first school, educational environment for all and model of educational excellence 2. The evolution of the nursery school was paralleled (and jointly) with the evolution of the conception of early childhood, the professionalization of women and the relationship between family and school education.

Childcare: an issue of general educational interest?

The institutionalization of nursery schools was, therefore, part of a political and social project. Can we reduce it to a simple economic and political calculation? This is the question that posed faces a small school of promoting discourse that was the nineteenth   century