private investigation


In the event of a collision, the opposing party could declare previous damages, thus unrelated to your accident, by claiming that you are responsible for it.

Do not hesitate to call the police or gendarmerie, a number of private investigation hong kong  to take photographs of vehicles and damage, places, license plate.

If possible, remember to take the contact information of the witnesses. The establishment of the amicable report is very important, it will determine the responsibilities and will identify the point or points of shocks.

In case of disaster, attention to your statement

You must declare with the greatest precision, the causes, the circumstances and the consequences of your disaster and provide the necessary documents to study your compensation.

Provide accurate information on your insurance contract

You must declare and accurately inform the property and persons who will be insured and do not hesitate to seek advice from your insurer on the terms of your contract and its guarantees.

private investigation

What is auto insurance fraud?

This involves making a fraudulent claim for compensation. The severity of the fraud may vary: it may be to inflate a little the amount claimed or report false injuries. It can even cause an accident or damage a vehicle deliberately.

Organized Fraud:

 Fraudsters work together to stage collisions, then they submit claims to different insurers, to avoid being unmasked, exaggerating damage or injury. Collaboration between insurance companies, police and the government is the best way to fight this type of fraud.

Premeditated fraud:

 A person intentionally makes a false claim for things such as damage to a vehicle that has not been caused by an accident or medical treatment that has not been received. Sometimes asset tracing  fraud also involves a bodybuilder or a rehabilitation service provider.