Organic fish, healthier and tastier

Sea bass, sea bream, trout, but also mussels and clams with a “different” flavor, grown organically in the sea and fresh water. It is the new frontier of a production model which, after fruit, vegetables and cheeses, is gaining ground in aquaculture wholesale fish online.

Aquaculture is a sector still little known by consumers, despite the qualitative leap made by the farmed fish sector, now almost all produced in the open sea and no longer in tanks.

Fish reared has reached a level of high quality, because farming organically, the researchers explain, means having larger spaces in the cages set up in the open sea where the fish, having the opportunity to swim, develops a firm musculature that produces more compact, flavoursome meats. A low stocking density which is also reflected in a lower environmental impact.

Another chapter is the feed used in Green Economy farms, consisting of ingredients of animal and vegetable origin which are also organic. Of course, it is still a niche production that covers 3% of the national total of farmed fish, but it is destined to grow.

The advantages of a home fish shop

Being able to count on home delivery of fish is a privilege that you can afford whenever you want, with the convenience of ordering by phone, online from your PC even on holidays and after fishmongers’ closing time.

The main advantages of ordering fresh fish are:

  • you always have the certainty of the origin and freshness of the fish which, when your request is sent, has yet to be caught;
  • fresh fish at home is clean upon delivery and you just have to cook it as you like and enjoy it, with the people you love.