Simplest guide to Vanilla Prepaid Card Balance check process!

However, it must be noted that the Vanilla Prepaid card and its amount cannot be withdrawn as an ATM card but can be used for making a transaction from relevant and authorized Visa or MasterCard merchants.

Prepaid Gift Cards

The Vanilla Prepaid Card Balance check process

Before we discuss the Vanilla Prepaid Card Balance check process, there are some important information about the same –

  • It must be noted that apart from the official Vanilla Prepaid Card web address or offline communication channels, it is difficult to determine the gift card balance. Thus, your merchant may also not be able to provide you with the actual balance of your Vanilla Prepaid gift card!
  • This means that if in case, an item  costs more than the balance of your vanilla gift card, a merchant may allow alternative forms of payment like debit/credit card
  • Vanilla Prepaid Card Balance check process through a merchant is difficult pre and post the item purchase. Moreover, such sellers linked to MasterCard gift card may place a hold on the card balance (for an amount greater than the actual purchase). Such a step will make your gift balance on freeze for a period of seven days.
  • For more details on the existing balance of the card, See the back of the card for the details. It will have a toll free number that helps you to check in the existing balance quickly.
  •  Alternatively, the card also contains a URL for the official Vanilla prepaid site.  Open the website and check out the balance of the Vanilla Prepaid gift card using the 9 or 16 digit number mentioned on back.

Securing the Vanilla Prepaid card

To ensure complete safety of your vanilla prepaid card it is important to remember the details like Card number, Customer service providers, CVV details and card expiry date. These come in handy, if the vanilla card gets lost or compromised with or expired. Thus, help can be sought through the official channels (given at the back of the card) to avoid any potential misuse. Using this methodology, you have the safest way to transact and gift. Thus, the Vanilla Prepaid cards come laden with considerable advantages like – safety and security along with an option to easily block it off. This is a laudable security alternative available through these prepaid gift cards.


The Vanilla Prepaid gift cards are an extremely important part of the new age gifting needs. Quick and easy access to quality services and products makes it a bit more preferable than the others in the same range.

Furthermore, these can be topped with the required balance amount to suit your gifting requirements starting from few dollars to huge amounts in hundreds (or its multiples). These save you from the hassle of shopping for everyone and one size fits all! Hence, use these Vanilla Prepaid gift cards for all your friends and colleagues.