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The ultimate guide to creating your restaurant menu

There is no doubt that the hospitality sector is experiencing tremendous growth. Consumers are spending more, which is, of course, a great opportunity to take advantage of it. But where there are opportunities, there is also a lot of competition. That’s why we have developed  alfresco dining the ultimate guide to creating your restaurant menu. A profitable menu is a balance between different aspects, and that’s something you need to strategically address. Find out below how to create a successful menu.

best steak restaurants

Analyze your sales reports

This first step is the most important: to improve your menu, you must base your decisions on numbers. Concrete data is the best source of information for measuring the results of your menu. The cash register system in your restaurant should be able to easily provide you with detailed and easily understandable sales reports.

When calculating the profitability of a menu item, consider the total number of units sold and not the profitability of a single unit. High-profit items will not affect your results if you do not sell them often

Categorize the menu items

Now that you have a good idea of ​​the profitability  best steak in hk of each menu item, it’s time to categorize them. Check your existing menu to see which dishes are the most profitable and which are not. The best way to get a complete overview of the profitability of each menu item is to use a matrix.

A menu matrix is ​​a visual tool used to represent the sales volume and gross revenue of each menu item. In this blog, you can see how to do this correctly