Tips to manage shipping costs from China to USA

If you intend to ship goods from China to the United States, the cost of freight is always considered an important factor that can influence your decisions. Learning to manage freight rates can not only help you reduce costs, but also get the cheapest shipping method from China to the US.

To manage the shipping price from China according to china us trade relations, we need to learn the calculation methods. In general, the cost of air travel will be calculated by weight or volume of goods. If the volume of the package is smaller and the weight is heavier, the cost will be deducted from the actual weight. On the contrary, if the package is light but large, it will be loaded in volume.


Since transportation costs will be calculated according to rates, you should find out the rates for transportation from China to the United States. Rates apply from one airport to another, which does not include additional costs, such as merchandise exports, customs clearance and storage costs. There are four main types of air transport rates, including general freight rates, unit merchandise rates, class rates and uniform shipping rates. You can calculate the cost based on your type of goods.

As for the shipping cost from China, you should pay more attention to details

As we know, shipping always contains a series of steps that will cost you a lot of shipping costs for trade war news. The total cost includes the costs of packaging, documentation, loading and unloading, transportation and insurance. In addition, shipping costs will vary according to different delivery methods. There are three main types of shipping rates, which include freight, freight and container fees.