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Why Should You Opt For Earphones Singapore

For commuting and traveling, earphones are better as they are lightweight and portable; they can be carried around for running and working out. Headphones have an excellent sound quality but cannot be carried around; moreover, they become quite sweaty if worn for an extended period.

Earphone vs. headphone 

earphones singapore are different as above, but they solve the same purpose; to get a better understanding, here are a few differences between them.

  • The design- The earphones are designed to fit into the ear; they are also lightweight, portable, and less bulky. The headphones rest on the outer ear, which in a way covers the whole ear surface; and they are pretty bulky.
  • Portable- The earphones are a mini version of the headphones so they are portable enough to be carried around. On the other hand the headphones are bulky and not quiet portable enough to be carried around.
  • The sound quality- Headphones block the external noise, which gives a better hearing experience. The bass sound is captured in a better way by the headphones, which is why they are ideal for watching movies. Earphones are unable to filter the external noise, which affects the hearing experience of the music lovers.

Headphones are fabulous if you want a great listening experience and if you want to enjoy a good and superior quality of sound. Whereas the earphones are great if you are a frequent traveller, they are great for listening music on the go.