Global Performance

Develop new performance levers

With General Global Performance, we support you in every step of your company’s security: diagnosis, adapted insurance program and progress plan, in a logic of sustainable partnership and continuous improvement. We rely on the values ​​and criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in a real partnership approach over time. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a proven performance factor through its approach to risk management ( Corporate Social Responsibility and Competitiveness, read more. It makes it possible to map them effectively and to identify the solutions that should be put in place to prevent them

Protect yourself from cyber risks

With the development of digital tools, today at the heart of every company’s life, new threats emerge. Digital risks are increasing dramatically and are now affecting all businesses, regardless of size. These risks can lead to a shutdown of your business. SMEs as big companies, you have to protect yourself by putting in place specific actions. We offer support that offers insurance solutions tailored to your situation and continuous assistance from our experts.

Global Performance

Protect your image capital

The reputation of a company is fundamental. As much as its know-how, it has a strong impact on its performance. Customer reviews, impersonation, and dissemination of information … With the Internet especially  learn more , it only takes a few hours today to undermine an e-reputation. The damage to a company’s reputation can come from multiple factors, internal or external. Preventing them effectively requires a comprehensive approach to risk management, as reputation cannot be treated in isolation. Discover our solutions to protect your reputation